1038. Muggleborn students find carrying their books in their hands really annoying and cumbersome, so they bring in backpacks from home. Before long, the purebloods are wearing such classics as “Avenger’s Backpack”, “Disney Princesses Backpack”, and of course, “Wizards of Waverly Place Backpack”.


This got even funnier when I realized that to shoot it, essentially someone had to hurl a massive rat puppet at Cary Elwes.




It’s still a cat after all

Sphinx sorted.

I have a horrible need to include something like this in the site hauntedmyth


Because everyone needs wet sexy Kili on their dash ^^





The doctor explains how the tardis is bigger on this inside (x)

Help. This actually makes sense.

Indeed, one of the most fascinating moments in Classic Who!

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space



They say businesses should always listen to the conversations hapenning in social media between their consumers and this is one of those times for them to be listening

  • Me: for christmas i want a dragon.
  • Santa: be realistic.
  • Me: ok i want a boyfriend.
  • Santa: ok what color do you want your dragon.


"if you’re 18 why do you still ask your parents for permission"

I seriously thought it was normal to ask permission to do things from the people that own the house you live in and provide for you, even if you’ve reached the magical age of 18. I’m going to continue being polite and nice to my parents until they are no longer around. I seriously thought that this was normal.